Recycle your phone to the Aspinall Foundation! Please. If you don’t mind.

Did you know, 100 million mobile phones are thrown away each year!! And, because they and other techy toys are manufactured using a metallic ore called Coltan, a wonderful primate called the Drill is in imminent danger of extinction.

Coltan is mined from areas the Drill (I know, ironic much?) lives in – western Cameroon, Bioko Island, southeastern Nigeria – and the bigger the demand for mobile phones etc, the bigger the danger to the Drills habitat. The mining companies open up large areas of Primary forest to travel to the ore to mine it and the Drill is suffering the consequences. Like being hunted isn’t enough.

Yes, he's sad - he and his cousins are losing their homes ...

So how can you help? Well, by recycling your phone to the Aspinall Foundation, the components inside can be re-used, decreasing the need to mine more from precious habitats. And by doing this, Aspinall’s will also receive vital funds which is then put directly towards the conservation of species like the Drill.

They're not happy about it either ...

There are still two weeks of school holidays left, why not take the opportunity to visit Port Lympne or Howletts and see at first hand the wonderful work they’re doing.

... and all you have to do is send your old phone to Aspinalls - simples!

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