CYBHER – The first UK all inclusive event for women who blog

On Saturday 12th May 2012, central London will be alive with 300 British women bloggers!

Cybher is the first all-inclusive female blogger event of its kind in the UK. This one-day event will bring together the most influential bloggers and speakers from all corners of the blogosphere to network, inspire, share and learn.

Cybher is the brainchild of Siân To who after 15 years PR experience went social when she started blogging in 2009. In January 2010 she founded CyberMummy and in August that year she embarked on a life changing journey as an ambassador for Save the Children, that took her from the slums of Bangladesh to the UN summit in New York and tea at Downing Street.

This vast experience of how to use social media, and how to use it for social good is the foundation of Cybher.

Siân To, said: “We are so proud that Cybher can offer such a variety of workshops and activities for our bloggers to enjoy. Cybher has attracted woman from all blogging genres from beauty and fashion to parenting, travel,politics and more. Not only do these social savvy woman want to learn and develop the core content of their blogs, they also want to connect with brands that reflect their own key values as women.”

Cybher is poised to become the shared platform for bloggers from all walks of life. If you’re a woman and you blog then Cybher is the SOLD OUT event to be seen at.

Speakers include;
Zoe Margolis (Girl with a one track mind), Mario Cacciottolo (Someone Once Told Me), Poppy Disney What I wore Today), Liz Scarff (Blogladesh, World Vision), Daryl Willcox (DWPub Media), Mark Solomon (Tales from a black cab),
Cate Sevilla (BitchBuzz) and our youngest speaker, the 10 year old Biba (

The Facts. The Stats. The Attendees.

–    70% of all bloggers use their blog to share their expertise and experience with others.

–    36% of all bloggers have been quoted in the traditional media for something they posted on a blog.

–    82% of bloggers surveyed are using Twitter.

–    Those who use Twitter say they do so to promote their blog (77%) and bring interesting links/content to light (59%).

–    96% of bloggers have an independent blog. This means they choose who they work with. It could be you.

–    The blogosphere is influencing itself – the number one influencer for bloggers is the blogs that they read.

–    Almost one third of bloggers have worked for the traditional media. They know how to write and how to engage their audience.

–    Compared with other media, blogs continue to lead in terms of trust and generation of consumer recommendations and purchases.

Source: Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2011

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