What would you do with your lottery winnings?

I love the KissFM breakfast show – although I only listen in the car on the school run – but Ricky, Melvin and Charlie always come up with a great discussion idea. Last week, the week that 18 millionaires would be made on the lottery show, they asked the question: What would you do with your million?

My top 3:

A car, the greenest money can buy. Just because, for once in my life, I’d like to have one that works properly: I’ve yet to own a car that doesn’t have little niggles, such as the headrest being stuck, or the seat belt being stuck, or the cd not playing properly, or the right rear passenger door not opening. One I can just have picked up if it goes wrong and repaired immediately, instead of the usual umming and ahhing about booking it into a garage or doing it myself. When I say by myself, I mean, hunting around for spare parts and hoping the eldest, who did two weeks work experience at Fords, can do it for me.  And if Ferrari can make a green version of the 550 Maranello, I’d be extremely grateful to them.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

Ferrari 550 Maranello (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new house. A big one, yes, with the gym, pool, dance studio/club, 5 a side footie pitch, cycle paths, pitch and putt and so on … Most importantly, a dedicated writers room, theatre and a film studio – complete with a production crew of my own. I’m not sure how much I’d actually have left out of just one million here … maybe forget the gym and the footie pitch …

Employ household staff: In particular – a chef! No out-of-the-freezer meals for me any more. A proper home cooked meal, by someone who can do good old standard English fayre like a roast dinner but also a delicate Oriental dish, and a sweet and spicy Indian too! Add in housekeeper and chauffeur and I’m a happy little bunny. (And I help the employment figures too!)  This is my idea of heaven and probably the first thing I’d do, even while still living in a semi …

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