New bloggers’ platform ‘Bloggabase’ promises less spam

The founders of the UK’s first product review service for bloggers is inviting bloggers from all backgrounds, with readerships of any size, to sign up – free of charge.

Bloggabase enables them to be contacted to review relevant products, services, events and experiences for their blogs, across all sectors, connecting bloggers with PR, SEO and other marketing  individuals and companies with products, services, events and experiences they wish to promote. Bloggers will, uniquely, have the power to report poorly targeted marketing, which will result in the offenders receiving a short ban from the service.

With the new database service, bloggers are given the opportunity to request information and get free review offers, by making it clear to all what they will write about, what they won’t write about and whether they’re happy to be contacted or not. Each blogger will have a profile, giving marketers the opportunity to see the blog’s unique visitors, SEO value, recent entries and areas of interest.

As soon as 2,000 bloggers have signed up, the service will launch to allow a limited number of marketers to sign up.

To sign up, bloggers are being asked to visit, where they will be asked to select the subject/s they blog about, as well as a number of keywords related to their blog, to ensure they are not contacted by
people with irrelevant products, services, events and/or experiences.

Importantly, a unique ‘report a user’ feature will enable bloggers to quickly and easily identify and report individuals that have contacted them inappropriately with products, services or experiences that are irrelevant to their area/s of interest. If more than three separate bloggers identify one marketer as targeting them irrelevantly, that person’s account will be frozen and they will be unable to access the blog database for a period of time, giving the team the chance to contact them to get to the bottom of the issue.

The service can be followed on Twitter @bloggabase has been set up by public relations professionals Andy Barr and Rich Leigh, who are both bloggers who have been on the receiving end of poorly targeted marketing. Rich says: “This is a war on poor blogger outreach campaigns, with an emphasis on ensuring people with products and experiences to promote are only targeting
bloggers that are happy to be contacted. The thing most marketers forget is that many bloggers do it for the love of
blogging about their passion. My hope is that with, the carpet bombing PR tactics marketers have so far employed when contacting bloggers will be replaced with something that benefits both parties – and more importantly, is consensual and targeted.”

Andy added: “Having talked to hundreds of bloggers in the process of building the service, we’ve found that many bloggers would welcome the opportunity to test products and services – but only if they are appropriately and
relevantly contacted. As a blogger myself, you can’t deny that having been sat there with a blank page but all the intentions of delivering quality blog content, you sometimes wish you had a great, relevant product, service or experience to blog about. We hope our request service, where bloggers can contact marketers in certain sectors, will also help with this.”

For more information, please visit or contact Andy Barr or Rich Leigh by emailing or

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