By women, for women: Introducing Rebecca Robertson of Evolution for Women.

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Rebecca Robertson is on a mission. With a background in financial services spanning thirteen years, her mission is to empower women, in an increasingly difficult economic climate, to take control of their finances. One of her main goals is to increase the amount of women advisers available to other women, thereby reducing the ‘hard sell’ image generally associated with financial advice.

Evolution for Women offers free consultations and advice, dedicated to putting the family first – including evening and weekend opening hours and appointments to fit in between the school run. A philosophy that clients are for life is the driving force behind the company and Rebecca is passionate about delivering a detailed and personal service. From the initial appointment to any follow up enquiries, she takes a great deal of pride in being contactable and responding in a timely fashion.

With women living longer than ever before, managing the purse strings and juggling family with highly paid jobs or managerial roles, their need for advice traditionally given to men has grown. Where previously the focus may have been on male finances, independent female clients, whether married, single or divorced, are seeking a more empathetic financial partnership.  This is where Rebecca can help: Good parent portfolio reviews; Money Maximiser meetings; bespoke insurance policies; guardianship for children; long term family assets protection and Family Income Benefit are all areas of expertise to give families a secure financial footing.

From the humble beginnings of a temporary cashier in the Alliance and Leicester Building Society, the quick learning Rebecca was soon flying high within the company. Other roles in respected institutions such as The Bradford & Bingley Building Society, The Mortgage Times Group and Charcoal Brokers followed, including being head hunted twice.

Having been made redundant when 14 weeks pregnant, the seedlings of Evolution for Women began to sprout in Rebecca’s mind and she finally created the company in February 2011. Refining her operating model ever since, the days of building someone else’s empire are finally over. The Evo Academy is under construction, giving an opportunity to other women, with or without previous financial services experience, to gain qualifications and step onto a rewarding career path, thus expanding the Evolution for Women ethos.

Rebecca’s passion and commitment to providing an effective and personable service is clear. She says: “My business has become my 7th baby after my little girl, dogs, cats and husband. All of which I love and think the world of. I have a very clear path for Evolution for Women and believe we will be the hand bag of financial services for women.”

After a decade working for the pinstripe brigade with their “do now, do quickly” attitude, Rebecca has decided to do things differently: She’s going to put the service back into the financial services industry and a feminine touch to finance!

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