A workout for your mind

That’s how I view coFWD, the coworking space in Rochester, where interesting people do interesting things. Don’t take my word for it – watch a video here, containing a snapshot of those people. Take from it the inspiration to be brave and follow your dream.

coFWD, based at 161 Rochester High Street

I have. I gave up the ‘day’ job in March, to concentrate on writing full time. Sadly, badly timed, as the cushion I had writing for a hyper-local website was whipped away from behind me last month. Then, after a panic stricken two weeks, I stopped applying for random jobs and settled down to think about what I really want to achieve:

The Rochester Literature Festival: One successful launch event down and planning for the next underway, leading to a major event next year; To run some workshops on blogging and social media – there are a lot of folk out there a bit scared of the old interwebby thing – I know I can help so I’m working on it; Freelance writing – now I actually have time to pursue it properly, to experience many different things, people and places and to capture those experiences in text and share them; To take time out each day for fiction and scriptwriting; To collaborate with comedy writers and see through the sitcom idea whirring around in my head; A stand up career in comedy. Don’t laugh. I mean, do laugh, obviously. I’m still trying to figure out how or why I agreed to do this but one thing I will do is go for it, with a what-the-hell attitude. I can always move to the Outer Hebrides or something afterwards (and it’s a one off, in the pub with a bunch of mates!) What can possibly go wrong?

Concentrating on these and rejecting the office jobs my head tells me I should be applying for (ok, I’ve found myself a nice little bar job for bread money) is something I probably wouldn’t have done had I not been part of the coFWD family for the last couple of years. And it all began with a visit to a room upstairs in a pub, for what I thought was a networking event called Tuttle101. Turns out no business cards were required, just a mind open to possibilities.

A coFWD away day to London. It was a fact finding mission, not a jolly, honest 😉

Looking for inspiration, collaboration, creativity and fun? Then come along to the next Tuttle on Monday, September 17th at The Deaf Cat Coffee Shop from 9.30am, because that’s where you’ll find it. For those of you who will be At Work – no excuses, there’s an evening equivalent called Tipple101 on Thursday, September 27th at the Britannia Bar Cafe.

See you there 🙂


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