Do you suffer from Tuttle Envy?

Some conditions can be cured. Others, like Tuttle Envy, have no cure. This is because sufferers miss the monthly creative get-togethers, held on a Monday morning, due to uncontrollable symptoms called ‘Work’.

These people will always have the condition, but social networking treatments can help to manage it.

Coworking spaces use  coffee, conversation, beer, films and other treatments to help lessen the effects of this terrible condition, the main one being Tipple101, the evening equivalent of Tuttle101. Due to its nature – held in a pub after tea time – careful planning ensures that the ‘Work’ symptom can be overcome. However, other side effects can arise, such as ‘Childcare’ and, in extreme cases, ‘Spousal Jealousy.’

Social enterprisers often use the weekend as a treatment to help alleviate the symptoms of TE sufferers, inviting them along to coFWD in Rochester High Street. For example, one type of Tuttle Envy occurs when the mind does not produce enough creativity in order to engage the brain cells. Ideas lie un-conjured, due to the sufferer’s surroundings being less than innovative. However, once inspired within the confines of the vigorous and organic community at 161, the brain is engaged and ideas can then be stored easily for future reference (or even applied immediately).

Freelancers also treat people with TE using injections of Spotify or Sweding, so they can continue to live normal lives. But right now there’s no cure for Tuttle Envy. Some people will need the support of freelancers and social enterprisers for the rest of their lives.

The good news is that these community doers are constantly coming up with advances in social workspaces and collaborative events. So it’s possible that this condition, although only treatable at the moment, may be completely cured in the future.

The next Tuttle101 will take place at the Deaf Cat cafe on Monday, October 15th, from 9.30am. All are welcome to join like-minded souls for further research into the frustratative misfortune that is TE.

Sufferers of Tuttle Envy will be advised in due course regarding the next Tipple session. Don’t delay your treatment any longer than necessary – please sign up here so you can receive notification as soon as possible. Together, we can beat this.

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