Workshop: Get Yourself Out There! An introduction to blogging.

As a blogger for almost five years, I’ve run a number of blogs and I’m keen to pass on what I’ve learned to others stepping into the blogosphere. So here it is, a workshop for people who want to blog but are not sure how to get started or where to go with it.


The golden rule for writers is ‘Show, don’t tell’ – so I’m going to do exactly that! I’ll show you how to set up and customise your own blog, without any knowledge of programming, HTML, CSS or other techy talk! The only ‘tell’ you need is why you’re doing it: Which is, to get yourself out there and link with other like-minded souls, or, to find an audience and/or potential customers!

Using, the aim of this workshop is to give you an online presence which is simple for you to maintain, particularly if you’re busy or dislike using the internet. My wish is for each participant to leave the session with a fully operational, customised blog. If time permits, we can look at linking with social media, directories and other bloggers too, in order to build your audience.

You will need:

· a wifi enabled laptop (although our venue, coFWD, does have Ethernet cables if needed)

· an email address – you will automatically have a gmail account set up for you as part of your Google profile but it’s good to have an alternative for security.

· a unique password.

· A title for your blog – this is different from the web address and can be changed. The web address cannot be changed though, so I’d recommend using your name for that. E.g is my blog address but the title is ‘A tingle in my fingers’.

Also, have a favourite picture of your own saved that you’re happy to share with the world, a favourite Youtube video you can find easily and a written piece about yourself you can use in your first posts. (You can always delete or amend afterwards).

The workshop will be held at coFWD, the coworking space at 161 Rochester High Street, on Tuesday, January 15th from 7.30pm – 9.30pm. The cost is just £12.50 and space is limited to just 6 places. Please visit the Eventbrite page here to secure your booking.

I look forward to seeing you,

Jaye 🙂

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