You should be dancing!

So sang the Bee Gees, and who are we to argue?

I seem to have been immersed in dance recently, with a visit to Mid Kent College for a Dance Careers Event, an article in Medway’s finest publication, and a Gothic workout.


Hosted by Luci Napleton,  from Dance Development of Medway’s Arts Development Team, the Dance Careers Event allowed me to cast my shoes off and take part in a Contemporary half hour workshop, surrounded by students – I thought I held my own – and a Musical Theatre workshop. I managed to not trip myself up, although I was left facing the wrong way on occasion and hitch kicking when I should have been pivoting, but hey, it’s been a while, ok?

The Mayor, Cllr. Vaughan Hewett was on hand with praise and encouragement for the students of Mid Kent College and the Medway Youth Dance Theatre, following their excellent performances, while the awesome Loop Dance Company reprised the Joss Arnott choreographed ‘Current Being’, their commission for last year’s Big Dance 2012. It’s an inspiring company, led by Nina Atkinson, who began it twenty years ago upon realising there were very few chances for aspiring and professional dancers in Medway. Go see them!

Loop Dance Company

Loop Dance Company: (Top) Anna, Nina, Natalie.(Bottom) Claire, Emmy, Marie

The February issue of Wow Magazine is a dance special spectacular, an interview with the Ballet Boyz being  the highlight. And I finally made my debut for Emma Dewhurst’s classy must-read mag, interviewing Craig Bartley of local dance studio, Starquest. You’ll find that on page 14 in the magazine here. On the opposite page, there are a selection of dance classes and groups in our region. For Sarah, who I met at Mid Kent College, here’s a link to Jade Street Dancers – I expect you’ve already found them by now, but just in case!

My other debut, in practise at any rate, was for Wolfshead and Vixen – I’m sure I’ve mentioned them before. The premier Morris side from Rochester have been auditioning for new members and somehow ended up with me. It’s much harder than you think – I was more tired after twenty minutes of Vixens than after an hour at the Dance Careers Event. I’m hoping I’ll have learned enough to be ready for the Sweeps Festival (although, I’m not so sure about dancing at dawn on May Day!) If you fancy trying out for us, there’s a workshop being held at the Beacon Court Tavern, Gillingham, on Sunday, March 3rd, from 1pm.

In national news, Let’s Dance for Comic Relief is back with us again from this Saturday, persuading comedian Tim Vine and others to set aside their modesty and don leotards and leggings. Read all about it here. Time permitting, I’ll cover it on The Rhythm of Life. 

“Exceptional dancers in my experience are also exceptional people. People with an attitude towards life, a kind of quest and an eternal quality. They know who they are and they show this to you willingly.” Mikhail Baryshnikov.

One thought on “You should be dancing!

  1. zubiriland says:

    Dancing has always been one of my favourite hobbies, I love it! I can’t take lessons now because I am working and I have a lot of work to do at home, but I bought mobile dance mirrors and when I have a minute, I go to that room and I do some exercises 🙂

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