Council of Mystical Creatures

Other Worlds, Other Voices … right up my street!

Legends of Windemere

Dragon:  I call this meeting of the Brotherhood of Monsters to order.

Elf: Can we have a different name?  Some of us aren’t monsters any more.

Orc:  Yeah!

Dragon: Put in a petition later.  What do we have to discuss?

Griffin: Many of us are still being used and altered to the whims of humans.  Am I supposed to be a monster, a mount, or a pet?

Hippogriff:  At least you get remembered while I get confused for you.  One fandom seems to remember me, but that’s it.  It sucks being your cousin.

Orc:  Yeah!

Manticore: Nobody thinks of me.  Do any of you know the last time I was used?

Centaur: Probably a God of War game like many of us.  The harpies are still in traction from that series.

Dragon:  This bickering and whining does nothing.  You should be happy with what you get or do you want…

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