Moment to Moment – A Pilgrimage

A touring exhibition of sculpture by Randy Klein

On display daily in Rochester Cathedral 3rd – 26th August

Free entry


The Artist

Randy Klein is an artist with an international reputation; with works in collections such as at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York,the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate, and the Brooklyn Museum. He has exhibited widely in the US and Europe, with solo exhibitions at the Midland Arts Centre (MAC) and the European Academy.

Randy Klein’s work is narrative in nature, and explores the themes of transformation and transcendence. Klein’s work casts an ironic eye on daily life and our attachment to the physical world while suggesting a bridge into the world of spirituality. In his simple modern fable ‘il supermercato’ (a work presently in the collection of the Tate and the Museum of Modern Art in

New York) a journey down the aisles of a supermarket leads to a discovery of spiritual grace. In the touring exhibition ‘Images Out of Dante’. Klein explores Dante’s vision of heaven and hell in sculpture. The 10 ft. ‘Poetry Angel’ from this exhibition was acquired by the city of Ravenna, Italy, and stands in the courtyard of the ‘Classense’ next door to the Tomb of Dante.


Moment to Moment – a Pilgrimage

Moment to Moment – a Pilgrimage is a collection of more than 100 sculptures which together make up a single narrative. The work has been seen in public venues in Italy, first in Savona and most recently at the Palazzo Vernazza Lecce, where it was very enthusiastically received by both critics and the general public. Seeing over 100 sculptures in the heavy, worldly materials of bronze, steel, and copper gives great tactile enjoyment, whilst at the same time the journey the exhibition describes and the sheer number of the works included creates a sense of something beyond the physical world. All with a sense of irony and a lightness of touch.


Moment to Moment – a Pilgrimage is a journey which transforms the playful depiction of the ‘stuff’ of daily life – the exuberance of childhood, family, relationships, as well as cars, trees, the doors and windows of home – into a spiritual awakening. The pilgrimage proceeds to a tranquillity, floating above, in a higher world.


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