The Travelling Talesman – 9th May

The first Rochester LitFest event of the year!

Rochester Literature Festival


As a warm up for Rochester Lit Fest 2014, we are pleased to present a night of storytelling at the Good Intent in Rochester on the 9th May. The Travelling Talesman has toured the country from Penzance to York, for feasts, festivals and fun since the early nineties

The Talesman tells stories of Norse Gods, Celtic mysteries, clever girls and Dragon Slayers, medieval mayhem, giants, goblins and halloween horrors. Originally specialising in Northern European tales, his stories are now drawn from all over the world.

At the Good Intent, The Talesman will present ‘Away With The Fairies.’ Tales of the magical and mischievous Small Folk… and when they were not so small delving in to their origins as the godlike Tuatha De Danann.

Tickets are £7 per person or £8 on the night. Doors open at 7pm.

Tickets are available at:

Find out more about the Travelling Talesman at:

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