Happy Tunesday: Greatest TV Theme Tunes

These are in no particular order – how can one possibly choose? That most of them are old is less a reflection on the quality of today’s TV themes, and more to do with me not able to watch as much telly as I used to! You won’t agree with all the choice – but they’re mine – make your own list ;p

Barry Gray  compositions – he was to Gerry Anderson what John Williams is to Steven Spielberg!

Thunderbirds My first crush was Scott Tracy.

Captain Scarlet Actually, I think it might have been Mr. Indestructible …

Stingray then again it could have been Troy Tempest.

Joe 90 It wasn’t Joe. He was just a kid.


Children’s classics

Black Beauty Sunday afternoon adventures, curled up in an armchair.

The White Horses I’ve hummed this pretty regularly for many years – but for the life of me cannot remember watching it! I’m guessing it had horses. Which were white ..

Double Deckers Before Buffy became the go-to feisty, strong  female lead, we had Billy.

Casey Jones


Watching the detectives …

Hawaii 5.0

Van Der Valk

Cagney & Lacey

The Sweeney

Hill Street Blues

Mission Impossible



Lost in Space – Theme 1 and Theme 2 – both written by … John Williams! Gets everywhere, doesn’t he?

Dr. Who – all of them! (warning: Video may hypnotize …)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


As seen on TV recently …

The Big Bang Theory You’ve no idea how taxing it is trying to find videos whose comments haven’t been taken over by science vs religion arguments …

The Musketeers My present day superhero crushes. And it’s a perfect Paso Doble in the making … which brings me nicely onto:

Strictly Come Dancing The single most recognised theme tune in the WORLD! See, you’re humming it already and you hate it. Da da da da da da dah – da da da da da … da da da.

5 thoughts on “Happy Tunesday: Greatest TV Theme Tunes

  1. Foxy says:

    See what you mean about the Dr Who vid Scatty – I’m a bit cross eyed now! 😉

    You’ve got me picturing a Paso to the Musketeers theme now. I reckon you could even get away with it for the Dr Who theme too – It’s got Halloween written all over it! 🙂

    Growing up I loved the Banana Splits theme and would drive my dad mad by humming it constantly! 🙂

    The Royle Family would be my comedy choice – even if it is by Noel Gallagher.

    Somewhat randomly a fan of the various Casualty themes there have been over the years – always particularly liked the Spooks theme too.

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