Everything is in my head …

… but not for much longer.

2014 was a mad year. Five regular jobs including the LitFest (which is voluntary yet takes up more time than anything else) on the go at one point was just too much. Along with running a home and family – I thought my head might explode.

Cramming in as much work in as I could left my blogging to rot, sadly. Entering 2015 though, and I’m down to three regular jobs (still including the LitFest!) which means the promise I made to myself to learn new things – and confirm my knowledge of old things – will have a chance to be fulfilled.

One of the biggest frustrations was not being able to spend time chatting on line with fellow writers. When I joined Twitter six years ago, this was predominantly the reason why. I’m looking forward to re-connecting and beginning new conversations with those writers who inspired me then.

I decided against a list of resolutions; they can lead to frustration and disappointment. Instead, I’m writing glorified ‘To do’ lists. Far more effective on a daily basis, and far more satisfying when you’ve crossed everything out at the end of the day. Including even the most mundane task shows where you’re time is going and in turn makes you more effective. I can look at the overflowing laundry basket and tell myself: “It’s ok, the dark wash is due tomorrow.”

So far today, the snake has been fed and watered, the mixed wash is done, the hand wash only items are done, the promised reference for someone is done and I’m halfway through two blog posts. I’ve even scheduled in reading time for later (A Dance with Dragons Part 1 – fifth book of A Song of Ice and Fire, which TV series Game of Thrones is based on) although I’m very unhappy with you, George, if you’re reading this, at how A Feast of Crows finished. Very unhappy. If you’ve read the books you’ll understand why. Notwithstanding the gratuitous sex and violence, the story itself, and the characters contained therein, is riveting. You have to keep reading to find out where they’ll all end up – and who will actually make it to the end. No-one is safe, as Book3/Series 3 proved.

I digressed – it’s one of my quirks/failings/endearing qualities depending on your viewpoint. And hopefully I’ll be doing a lot more of throughout the coming year J

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