Sunday Slackers

This week’s lazy Sunday selection …

Art: Sort of – people who didn’t know they were art until it was too late!

Business: 5 Reasons Darth Vader made a great leader

The physics of productivity: Newton’s Laws for getting stuff done

For writers: 10 Blunt Tips from Geoff Dyer – who has to feel like he’s bunking off from something!

Film: Raiders of the Lost Ark sweded – by 11 year olds



Nature: The most breathtaking frozen water artwork by Mother Nature

Urban exploring: Grand European hotels left to rot

Travel: The weirdest hotels you can actually stay in now



Animals: One man, a lioness, her cubs

Photography: Pictures for pefectionists

Selma’s Bloody Sunday anniversary: President Obama’s historic speech


Images : LionsDarth Vader; Hobbit home

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