Happy Tunesday: The Voice Knockouts


It’s funny how things turn around, isn’t it? Last week, I was looking strong, with nine team members and not one of them belonged to Will. This week, I’ve been reduced to three, and by far the top performance of the weekend was Vikram, of Will’s team, with Sheena and Lucy also very strong.

Team Rita failed to engage me – I still preferred Hannah and Mitch to the three put through – none of them really stood out. She’ll be guiding Joe, Karis and Clark.

Ricky’s team were a mix of definite yesses and obvious noooo’s. Emmanuel just oozes … just oozes … *coughs* and Stevie again showed his class. I cannot understand Ricky’s fascination with Autumn though, I find her vocal … well, I don’t find it musical at all.

But Team Tom, ah, Tom – what is it he does to them? They were all so strong and any of them could have made it through. While I was disappointed to lose Daniel, especially, I’m delighted for Lara. I’m still a little unsure about Sasha but she has that indefinable something. Joyful Soundz were brilliant, I enjoyed them completely, whereas I’d found them hit and miss before. And, like Rita, I got goosebumps when Karl sang, so I’m sad he didn’t make it through. It was Howard who made up Tom’s final three.

Check out all the teams on the BBC The Voice website and get ready – we’re going LIVE this weekend! 7.15pm on Saturday, BBC One.

My poorly, decimated team …

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