Sunday Slackers

A fine excuse to put the kettle on …

eclipseSpace: The final frontier – these images are little bit more spectacular than what I saw here in the south east on Friday. I’m not bitter. But I totally blame Dara and Brian for getting me all excited and then …nothing.

Nature: A tortoise, a croc and Sir David Attenborough. We may be being a little insensitive to the tortoise’s feelings – but it’s too funny not to share. I normally watch the GN Show so I must have been on a rare night out to have missed this.

Photography: Incredible shots, mostly. A couple are a bit meh …

Lego Yoda Star WarsLego Movies: Iconic scenes made with Lego – there’s even a video for some ‘live’ action!

Festivals: Extraordinary ones from around the world, full of colour, and a lot of lights.

People: Captured at exactly the wrong moment – or right moment, depending on your point of view!

Travel: Why on earth would you ever visit Poland? (You’ll want to after this!)

Architecture: London’s next river crossing could be a futuristic masterpiece.

IguanaFor readers: Leave a handy list out for nearest and dearest so they never run out of pressie ideas for you ever again.

Animals: A lizard playing guitar. Too cool. He’s just missing sunglasses.



Images from PIxabay: Eclipse; YodaIguana

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