The Voice: Semi Final


The final tonight looks a close – and varied – affair, with the rockiness of Stevie versus the soul of Sasha, the classical Lucy, and the rocky soul of Emmanuel.

Since I was out last week (celebrating a friend’s OBE, don’tchaknow) I’ve just had a quick catch up on the performances that saw our finalists through.


Lucy – O Mio Babbino Caro

Classical singers give me goosebumps. People vote with their emotions. So I’m completely unsurprised she made it through (although, Will looked A. completely unsurprised or B. completely underwhelmed). Anyway, the nation has consistently shown its love for classical in reality shows, and there was nothing here to dissuade them – beautifully staged, nothing distracting from the performance.




Emmanuel – Whiter Shade of Pale

The almost-of-classical status popular wedding hymn served him well. I do so love a soulful version of a classic, especially with a raw edge, as here. I always think of Omar and Seal when I hear Emmanuel – that can’t be a bad thing, can it?





Sasha – Say You Love Me

I didn’t recognise her at first – but she performs like a total star, shades of Beyonce, understated yet powerful, I loved the way this built and then quietly peaked.






Stevie – Bleeding Love

One of those songs I hated at first, partly redeemed by Animaniacs in Move Like Michael Jackson  and complete redemption with Stevie’s Scottish anthem rock version.




Onto the team performances: Team Will and That’s The Way I Like it/Get Down and Lucy was the complete diva. Sheena got down but Vikesh was extremely uncomfortable I thought. Tom and Sasha were everything you’d expect vocally, with River Deep, Mountain High, whilst Team Rita were Rude. Karis was stronger than Joe but all I wanted to know was why Rita was wearing.a mammoth’s feet? There’s got to be a a law against that, hasn’t there? I called the WWF. Ricky, Stevie and Emmanuel had a great time, rocking it out together on Stay With Me (The Faces, not Shakespeare Sister).

Our losing finalists (cheer up, Rita, there’s always next time).

Joe with Jealous: Ok, so giving him the hint of a Musketeer look at least brought him out of puberty and there was passion in the performance – if he gets the right mentoring as he matures, we could well see more of him in the future. Likewise, Karis – her voice has grown on me and this was a mature performance of Say Something.

Sheena’s vocal was exceptionally strong with Toca’s Miracle – she could undoubtedly and deservedly feature in collaborative efforts with Calvin Harris and such like, as she builds her credentials for a solo career.  Poor Vikesh though – competent but unmoving. In a evening of vocal subtlety, we again got the camp, busy production number, completely overshadowing what a silky voice he has. I actually liked his version of Don’t Leave Me This Way, but wouldn’t it have been lovely to hear something in the vein of It’s a Man’s World again?

Would you believe it, I have to go out again tonight. Nothing so grand as an OBE party, this time it’s a quiz. Out on a Saturday night two weeks in a row, that’s got to be a record for me – it’s not even Christmas! Till next time x

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