Sunday Slackers

Time for tea, and a schmoozy through some fun stuff …

RobotTechnology: Fifteen of the most advanced robots ever invented (video) I’m quite keen on the PR2 – and I checked the date to make sure it wasn’t an April Fool prank!

Literary Art: Graffiti artists’ tributes to Sir Terry Pratchett

And in related news – How you can tell if you’re in an STP novel. Carry on down  and read the comments, there are plenty more ways.

Uncategorised: Baby shower cakes that are enough to turn you off ever having a baby – and ever eating cake again!

Mirror imageSeeing double: Almost spooky, unless you accept we’re all brainwashed by the Big Corporations.

Travel: The forgotten grandeur of Europe’s abandoned hotels.

For readers and writers: 25 Harry Potter quotes taken out of context. Like they say, it’s immature but very funny. My fave is Draco and his goblet.

Film: Thought provoking split second film scenes.

Photography: Iconic photos and their makers.

Humanity: Auto correct strikes again. While I’m not convinced they’re all real, they’re still very funny.

Images: Robot; Seeing double

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