Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games

Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games

From the Paganesque opening and the appearance of the Borg like Dark Lord, you knew this wasn’t going to be a completely traditional Irish experience.

Shades of sci-fi and fantasy with a gothic influence abounded, interspersed with enchanting faerie woodlands and unicorns . The pounding rhythms were unmistakable though, and the moment the whole ensemble hit the stage, a palpable charge zizzed through the audience: they sat up, they started clapping and bobbing, and a collective, low murmur of “Yessssss” could definitely be heard.

Coming to the attention of the masses during the interval at the 1994 Eurovision contest hosted in Ireland –  21 years ago now, can you believe – Michael Flatly and his dancers have been touring ever since, with enthusiastic audiences seemingly unable to get enough.

Dangerous Games saw a battle between dark and light. The boys danced: driving, pulsating, aggressive, militaristic and intense; the girls, wood nymphs and sprites, graceful and balletic, with amazingly high jumps. The energy on stage and in the seats could have lit London for a week.

It was utterly mesmerising when they came together and hit that familiar beat. Altogether  both sinister and magical, Flatley’s themed event – as it surely  is – once again showcased the skill, endurance and speed of his incredible performers. It may be his swansong this year but the new, younger Lords of the Dance will surely continue to please fans worldwide.

Dangerous Games is at The Dominion till September 5th. Visit the Lord of the Dance website for full details and to book. Please note, Michael Flatley himself only appears briefly at the end of some shows – this is very much a baton handover to the new Lords.

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