Mini writers’ retreat

A fun day with former colleagues on Sunday, as I joined Cassy and Nicole in the Kent Cultural Baton at the Faversham Transport Festival.

Cassy's poetry plimsolls

Cassy’s poetry plimsolls

It was great to take some time out and jot down a few words in response to the prompts.

Blackout Poetry proved to be popular , with the listing of the different buses and coaches in town inspiring this piece: (I’ve written it out underneath – and will admit to tweaking it slightly!)

Blackout Poetry

Following single body design

rebuild generation chassis

Dual purpose enabled

Long distance, full front

Forward entrance; sliding door

Still successors, still operators

Platform operated delay

During the day

Replace worn out stock

Off the peg

Bespoke specification

Painted red

Time, painted green

Village’s one man noddy vans

Cassy gave me a link to the blackout poet who inspired her. His name is John Carroll and you can find him at Make Blackout Poetry.

Other prompts included why you can’t write today…

Not writing

 … and what it’s like to explore.


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