Sunday Slackers

Time to hit the slow way …

two-ginger-cats-650546_640Animals: Cutest parenting moments

Travel: Breathtaking photos from the National Geographic Traveller Photo Competition 2015

Content Marketing: How to wish an ex-employee good luck in their new job. WARNING: Bad language! 

crochet-322281_640Architecture: Fallingwater, a bond with nature.

Dedication: Kid’s homage to Jurassic Park. This is the kind of thing I used to do with stories. Never got round to writing the story but enjoyed hours of fun in the planning!

Crochet: Games of Thrones characters. Really.

bacteria-96601_640Film: Misnamed Star Wars characters by non fans.

Science: What’s on our hands – awesome bacterial photo.

Cuties: Dogs and babies, cuddling

Nature: Reclaiming the land after humans

Images: Pixabay  Cats; HorseBacteria

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