Sunday Slackers

Hitting the summer slow way …

CowsSocial Media Day: How the world celebrated.

Environment: Major airline set to be poop-powered.

Humanity: In a week where we remembered the victims of a man’s inhumanity, we bid farewell to a children’s saviour. R.I.P. Nicholas Winton.

Cute pup hiding in a cupTravel: Fantastic, mythical – expensive – hotels to stay in.

Animals: Dogs playing Hide’n’Seek. Badly.

Film: How accurate is the Mad Max prediction for Earth’s survival? 


Barn Owl. My Hogwart's petFiction. Or is it? The real world of Harry Potter. A warning, you have to sign up and visit Gringotts, buy a pet and a wand before you can be sorted – which is why I’ve left this till last. I was in there for hours. Days. I’m officially a Potterhead … and a Ravenclaw. Bit gobsmacked by that – they’re the really clever ones – until I read the bit that said  “… our people are the most individual – some might even call them eccentrics. But geniuses are often out of step with ordinary folk … wear what you like, believe what you want, and say what you feel. We aren’t put off by people who march to a different tune; on the contrary, we value them.”

So basically, I’m Luna, not Hermione. I can live with that 🙂

Images – Pixabay: Cows; Dog; Owl.

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