My Mind is Free

My Mind is Free play

I remove the scrunched up hair band from its hiding place. In all this time they’d never found it and it is now my only link back to my family.

I’d been taken, ripped away from Shona as I was plaiting her hair. My six year old sister’s screams keep me awake at night but her hairband keeps me grounded. Reminds me who I am and that Shona is waiting for me.

I decide that this is the day I begin my journey home. They will come soon but just one will be left. I’d loosened a bar in the bedstead and the lengths of rags I’ve been saving are tied together. I know their pattern. They will wait out back, dragging on those repulsive cigarettes. But the passage will be empty.

I slip the band around my wrist.

The lock clicks.

This monologue was the result of a 10 minute writing exercise from the ‘Trafficked’ creative writing workshop  run by Sam Hall at Chatham Library yesterday. I read it aloud and got a round of “ooohs” from my fellow writers. So I thought I’d tidy it up a bit and and share it.

The inspiration is Sam’s play, My Mind is Free, produced by Rah Rah Theatre Company and coming to the Rochester Literature Festival on Sunday, October 11. Don’t miss this powerful and gripping performance, given added urgency to raise awareness of people trafficking by what’s happening in the world right now. There’s also a linked workshop, where Sam and fellow playwright Sarah Hehir will show you how to draw stories from the news around you. Read more here.

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