Hubby potters and the patchy grass annoys him

Patchy grass

Ok, so it’s never going to be made into a movie. Although, with lawns all over England suffering in the extremes of our weather, there’s bound to be a reality show at some point. What, there is already? Oh.

Anyhoo, hubby wanted to check out synthetic grass (samples at Trulawn are FREE, knock yourself out) – as there are a couple of patches which have never recovered from the relentless hammering of two boys playing football*.

Now, I was all for keeping things natural but have actually discovered that a smaller lawn, (or, indeed, no lawn) is better for the planet than a large one. There are a multitude of reasons why, including the amount of water required, the fertilizer, the electricity for mowers – you can read all about it at My Climate Change blog. It’s eye opening, so do check it out. The US of A has a whole campaign underway to reduce the number of lawns.

Of course, there’s that whole “but it’s plastic” argument against artificial grass – which really doesn’t hold water (neither does the grass fnar, fnar) as the samples range from the basic ‘Leisure’ (ideal if the kids decide to regress) to the lush and springy ‘Supreme’. In fact, with all this ‘bringing the outdoors in’ via Grand Designs and the like, I’d be quite happy to lay the ‘Supreme’ indoors. Paint the ceiling blue, open the windows and shut my eyes – all I’d be missing is the creepy crawlies!

*The fence recovered, I’m happy to say. As in, we ripped the old one down and built a brand new one. Because although I’m not one for keeping up with the neighbours, I was quite conscious that we were really letting down the nice, neat spaces either side of our junkyard effect.

Garden fence

He’s been a bit remiss with the leaf clearing lately, don’t you think?

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