The Easy Way To Curate Content

Let the content

I found a new tool to play with, one that makes curating content even easier than sharing direct from emails, or re-tweeting. lets you choose your topics and then finds relevant articles for you to share with your Twitter and Linked In followers – and posts them for you, once a day, twice a day – up to eight times a day if you want, for free!

I’ve now three very specific sets of content being automatically curated: music, dance, film, social media and writing for my personal Twitter; art, literature and culture news for the Rochester LitFest, and business related updates heading towards my LinkedIn profile.  And it took me approximately one minute to curate each one.

Choose your start time wisely, though, otherwise you could be sharing content overnight, which, for a UK based business whose main audience is online 9-5 GMT, isn’t particularly productive.

I personally opted for just one post per day, but it’s very easy to edit if you change your mind once you see how it works. It’s a terrific little tool for sharing articles of interest – for you, as well as your connections – in manageable chunks.

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