4 Top Twitter Takeaways from Get Social Kent

There were many great hints and tips shared at the recent Get Social Kent, with Zoe Cairns  ensuring everyone scrabbled for pens and paper when she recommended these terrific little Twitter tools:

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Followerwonk: Twitter analytics with bells on. Compare your influence with competitors or search for like minded people and influencers to connect with. Paid upgrade available.

Tweetreach: Check out which tweets are likely to travel further. I was surprised to see #silentsunday and #wordlesswednesday performing better than #peoplesstrictly – but unsurprisingly, #socialmedia totally outstripped them, reaching as many people and gaining more impressions than those three added together. Paid upgrade available.

Tweetwall: Display your event hasthag and get your audience involved from the start – they’ll all be vying to be top of the leaderboard. At only $29 for a day’s use, it beats the soul destroying begging for feedback forms to be completed.

Tweriod: Tweet when more of your followers will see it. Although only the latest 1000 followers are used on the free platform, it did confirm to me that the vast majority of my followers are in the European timezone. Nice to know I don’t need to stay up all night to engage them in real time!

I’ve had a little play but am yet to check them out fully – let me know how you get on.

Never miss another thing!

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You know the feeling: you should step away from Facebook, but you’ve just seen an intriguingly titled article, or the merest glimpse of a gorgeous picture out of the corner of your eye. Lunchtime is over, and the boss is headed your way. But you know if you don’t look at it right now, Facebook will never let you see it again …

What do you do?

You put it in your Pocket for later!

Pocket: My new favourite app. Or life hack, since it’s made mine infinitely easier. At the click of a button, the article or photo you don’t have time for now, is saved for later. And you won’t even need wifi to access it, it will be there for you to see at leisure.


Gone are the days of me fiddling about on the phone emailing myself whatever it is – now I just send it to straight to Pocket. There’s also a button for your toolbar on the desktop too. My email folders have now been cleared and everything is categorized in full view – no going back and forth between files.

The basic save-it-when-you-see-it is a fab addition to my desk top and iPhone – so simple and yet so effective. I don’t know how I managed without it! getpocket.com

Image: Pixabay