Sunday Slackers

Time to hit the slow way …

two-ginger-cats-650546_640Animals: Cutest parenting moments

Travel: Breathtaking photos from the National Geographic Traveller Photo Competition 2015

Content Marketing: How to wish an ex-employee good luck in their new job. WARNING: Bad language! 

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Sunday Slackers

Time for tea, and a schmoozy through some fun stuff …

RobotTechnology: Fifteen of the most advanced robots ever invented (video) I’m quite keen on the PR2 – and I checked the date to make sure it wasn’t an April Fool prank!

Literary Art: Graffiti artists’ tributes to Sir Terry Pratchett

And in related news – How you can tell if you’re in an STP novel. Carry on down  and read the comments, there are plenty more ways.

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Sunday Slackers

A fine excuse to put the kettle on …

eclipseSpace: The final frontier – these images are little bit more spectacular than what I saw here in the south east on Friday. I’m not bitter. But I totally blame Dara and Brian for getting me all excited and then …nothing.

Nature: A tortoise, a croc and Sir David Attenborough. We may be being a little insensitive to the tortoise’s feelings – but it’s too funny not to share. I normally watch the GN Show so I must have been on a rare night out to have missed this.

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Sunday Slackers

This week’s lazy Sunday selection …

Art: Sort of – people who didn’t know they were art until it was too late!

Business: 5 Reasons Darth Vader made a great leader

The physics of productivity: Newton’s Laws for getting stuff done

For writers: 10 Blunt Tips from Geoff Dyer – who has to feel like he’s bunking off from something!

Film: Raiders of the Lost Ark sweded – by 11 year olds


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Sunday Slackers

The internet of fascinating things to while away your Sunday.


Literature into Film: The Top 10 Shakespeare films

Animals: Sweaters for penguins – gotta love the Penguin Books one!

Creativity: A messy desk is a sign you’ve got it

Trickery: Illusionist fun

Life: The hidden danger of comparing yourself to others


Art: Modern day painted ladies

Game of Thrones: (Spoilers Alert) George’s original plans

Nature into Art: Fantastic Fungi

Star Wars: Snow Sculptures

Travel: The fun side of the London Underground

Perspective: How to destroy your understanding of time


Images: Pixabay

Film makers can come in all shapes and sizes …

Young Medway film maker Sophie Lasson speaks to me about her latest film, Super Me.

Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes…

Max has dreamed his whole life of becoming a superhero, but did he realise, that at only six years old, he has done more than he could ever imagine; he has saved a man’s life.

With his mother too busy for him and his father non existent, Max is often left to his own devices, playing on the same estate where he was born.

He’s a curious boy, always looking for an adventure. When he sees a stranger on the roof of a building nearby, he goes to investigate. What happens next is life changing for the both of them.

Super Me is a 10 minute drama which challenges the way in which people view their own lives, by looking at it from the refreshing perspective that is Max. It’s written – and will be directed and edited – by Sophie, who is in her final year at Uni. She told me:

Made with Repix (“Yeah, this is my final year and my final film whilst at University. During my time there, I developed a real interest in post production, specifically colour grading. In the summer I did a months placement at ‘The Look’ in London which specialises in grading and finishing for TV, film, adverts and trailers and I learn’t so much. I would love to go back to there, or somewhere like it after University and hopefully pursue a career in colour grading for TV and film.

“Super Me was something I’d been thinking about for a while. I wanted to write something which I felt would show the true value of love and friendship, not just between family, but people who can become your family. I guess years of watching Superhero films made me think about who a real superhero would be, and that’s where the story was born!

Did you always want a career in television and/or film making?

“When I was about 13 I took pottery classes after school. The place where I did this was approached by a TV show called ‘Tricky TV’ and were asked if they had any children interested in taking part in their show, as stooges for a segment called ‘wicked windup’. I along with a few of my friends took part. I remember spending the day with the crew and I just thought, wow, this is an awesome job! From then on I had a focus on working in TV although I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do at the time!”

Is there a film making hero who’s inspired you since?

“I guess there are quite a few, but my favourite probably has to be Zach Braff, possibly better known to most as an actor. As a writer/director I think he is great, across both TV and film. His films always seem to have the right balance of comedy and melancholia, which is so hard to do. His most recent film, Wish I Was Here, was partly funded by a Kickstarter campaign, for which I was a backer, and that inspired me to start my own campaign to make my film, which is going to be my graduate project.  I’m currently trying to raise some money to help create the film – this is my Indiegogo page!”

An obvious question, but I’m fascinated to know a film maker’s preference – what’s your favourite film?

“That’s a tricky one! There are so many films I love and it always depends on my mood as to which is my favourite at the time. I guess one I always come back to is Fight Club, although Garden State is up there too!”

Where can we keep up to date with your career as it progresses?

“My most recent works usually appear on my website soon after they are made so this will probably be the best source. I’ll be filming Super Me from the 5th March, for four days, although I still need to cast the actors and confirm locations! I’ll hopefully have it all finished by the end April, when there will be a screening. The film itself will probably be shot in Bournemouth, but I am planning to do the screening in Rochester.”

Thanks for taking time out to tell us all about it, Sophie – we look forward to seeing it!

Images: Copyright Sophie Lasson

Sunday Slackers

The internet of interesting things. Put the kettle on and while away your Sunday …


Animals 1: (video) Everybody’s gone surfin’, surfin’ USA (Uplifting Seal Adventure)

Sculpture: Wooden transformation

For screenwriters: Download 9 Oscar Screenplays

Photography: A gorgeous view of Venice

Adult fun: Who’s with me?

Tech: For lazy people

Family Fun: Hilarious, yet also somehow creepy

Animals 2 (video): Unlikely best friends

Art: Ancient mosaics in Greece

Politics: What it means to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ Britain First content

Stupidity: A lighter, totally unrelated note to the last link 😉

Extreme Sports (video): Don’t try this at home. I know it’s tempting, since we’re having a little bit of white slushy stuff falling intermittently …

Image: Pixabay