Happy Tunesday: The Voice Knockouts


It’s funny how things turn around, isn’t it? Last week, I was looking strong, with nine team members and not one of them belonged to Will. This week, I’ve been reduced to three, and by far the top performance of the weekend was Vikram, of Will’s team, with Sheena and Lucy also very strong.

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Happy Tunesday: The Voice – Blind Auditions

The teams are complete!


The blind auditions came to and end last weekend, with Will’s tactic of holding out to the end backfiring spectacularly, leaving him with a Tina Turner impressionist to complete his team.

Still, we know Will is a genius, so once he gets Andrew back to basics, he may well uncover something. Or, he could just sacrifice him in the battles, and put him up against his favourite. We wait and see – hopefully it’s the former.

There were some strange choices made, with excellent vocalists failing to get through, while others who sounded decidedly dodgy in places making it. Brooklyn (Team Will), for example, began well enough with the rapping, but once she began to sing, you actually saw Tom wince.

There was a real problem with singers who had nice tone but whose diction was completely appalling. So many on each team – all the coaches are guilty. If they can sort them out, I’ll probably end up with too many favourites. Nerves obviously played a part and the coaches’ experience no doubt helps them to see past that. (There has to be some excuse.)

Team Scatty as it stands then, is:

Karl Loxley (Team Will) Classical Reflection; Emmanuel Nwamadi; Hannah Wildes; Stevie McCrorie (Team Ricky) Mitch Miller; The Mac Bros; (Team Rita) Claudia Rose; Daniel Duke; Lara Lee; Sharon Murphy; Stephanie Webber (Team Tom).

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I am feeling a bit biased toward Hannah Wildes, since she is from my part of Medway and was pretty superior to a lot of what I heard. Overall though, I’m not as impressed this year as I was in previous years.

Bring on the Battles!

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Happy Tunesday: Delta of the Damned


Bands from across Medway, Kent and beyond are coming together to show that Medway is not a UKIP breeding ground.

Friday will see the beginning of a four day music festival supporting diversity, as the local branch of Rock Against UKIP brings together over 40 bands of mixed genre. The event is designed to raise awareness and prevent voter apathy, following the Rochester by election in November, when Tory defector Mark Reckless claimed the seat for Nigel Farage’s party.

Co-organisers Abi Zeiring and Aiden Hehir hope the festival will clear the misconception that Medway largely supports UKIP, and galvanize action for the forthcoming general election.

The event will take place in Poco Loco and the line up is as follows:

Friday, January 23rd from 7.30pm (not in running order):
Black Light Brigade; Bear vs Manero; Broken Banjo; Frau Pouch; KILL RPNZL; Punching Swans; The Shagmonroes; UpCDownC

Saturday, January 24th from 6pm:
3D; Allfather; Crybaby Special; DIYOA; Dusty Awe; Luna Lacuna; Mean n my Lady; Sleep Society; Sleight; Spinner; Tiny Ghost; Tim Holehouse; Unknown Report

Sunday, January 25th from 2pm
Anaelle Berlier; Deanos Hose; Dul Fin Wah!; Eleusia; Funky Mothers; Manic and the Madkats; The Objectors; Wolfe Sunday; more TBC

Friday, January 30th from 7pm:
Apothocary; Armour King; Black Plastic; Brittunculi; Eight Days from Sunday; Haeusser and the Errorists; Inverted Scrotum; Skat Injector; Vargr I Veum

Please note, musicians are a rowdy and liberal lot by and large, and the venue is a public house – the events taking place there in no way compromises their neutrality.

To contact the organisers, visit their Facebook event page.

Happy Tunesday!

I defy you to keep still in your seat to this! For lovers of all things folky and dancey, I give you Ranzo (The Wild Goose Shanty) by The Demon Barbers, a taster from their new album Disco At The Tavern, due in early summer 2015.

It will accompany a festival tour of their new live show The Demon Brothers XL, featuring dancers from The Lock In and special guests Matt Crum (keyboards/sax) and scratch DJ ‘Wax On’.

The album is set to capture all the energy and excitement of the live shows, as they took the decision to cut back on touring  to work on new material. A goodly part of that excitement is down to the announcement that the production team will be Emmy & Grammy Award winning producerDonal Hodgson and Kipper, best known for their work with Sting!

“We’re really excited to be working with such experienced producers and the demo track sounds fantastic, it’s just like being on stage! It’s been 4 years since our last album and we’re keen to show the world how much our music has developed; we’re hoping for a busy festival season!”

Find The Demon Barbers here.