Rochester LitFest

I’m not normally short of things to write but it’s become apparent that I’m not spending as much time on my creative writing as I’d like to. So let me introduce you to Rochester LitFest, somewhere I can collect all the local events and writing challenges together  – and hopefully enter a few myself! Working together with other local writers, we may even put on a live festival of our own, or at the very least open mic events. Rochester is well known for its festivals, but they’re usually focused on music, dance and visual arts – we think it’s about time we had one for writers!

Hello and welcome to my world!

I’m just what it says on the tin – I’m creative but as a busy mum only recently self employed and still working in the “day job”, I’ve no choice but to be practical about it! The opportunity given to me as Community Publisher for Rochester People, means I can begin to fulfill my dream of writing full time for a living.

My entertainment review blog, The Rhythm of Life, is my guilty pleasure, chatting about and reviewing those love ’em or hate ’em reality song and dance shows! If you love them too, it’s the place for you 🙂

Over the last two years, I’ve been blogging. A lot. Really, probably far too much! It all began with Jaye’s Jottings back in January 2008, which contains fiction, reviews, dancing, music, sport and humour – consequently it began to slow a bit, hence the new entertainment blog! There followed my spoof news blog, The Scatter, not a daily any longer, but hopefully will still raise a chuckle or two.

I’m thinking I should stop there with the blogging – apart from this one here, which I hope will contain updates in the future, along the lines of “it’s been optioned” or “I’ve been published in …”  – well, a girl can dream!