Silent Sunday

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Hubby potters and the patchy grass annoys him

Patchy grass

Ok, so it’s never going to be made into a movie. Although, with lawns all over England suffering in the extremes of our weather, there’s bound to be a reality show at some point. What, there is already? Oh.

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Sunday Slackers

fruitfaceFood: Guaranteed to get that diet started …

For writers: The Colour Thesaurus. Why have beige when you can have biscotti?

Environment: 40 different fruits on one tree

Architecture: You see, if it was a Woman-Cave, it would already have a bathroom!


Medical Advances: No More Needles!!! Hopefully.

Art: For Geeks who love ruffs

Books: Gorgeous and amazing 16th century work


icebergAnimals: Handy hacks for dog owners

Nature: The forces of …

The kindness of strangers: A war story with heart

Images: Pixabay Fruit/Needle/ Iceberg