Sunday Slackers

I’ve got my cuppa, how about you?

First up, the most eagerly awaited film this year: Second official teaser for Star Wars.

For film fans and book lovers: 25 films you may not know were based on books.

Interior Design: Who wants to live in a house like this?

Science/Humanity: Near Death Experiences

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Sunday Slackers

A fine excuse to put the kettle on …

eclipseSpace: The final frontier – these images are little bit more spectacular than what I saw here in the south east on Friday. I’m not bitter. But I totally blame Dara and Brian for getting me all excited and then …nothing.

Nature: A tortoise, a croc and Sir David Attenborough. We may be being a little insensitive to the tortoise’s feelings – but it’s too funny not to share. I normally watch the GN Show so I must have been on a rare night out to have missed this.

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Sunday Slackers

This week’s lazy Sunday selection …

Art: Sort of – people who didn’t know they were art until it was too late!

Business: 5 Reasons Darth Vader made a great leader

The physics of productivity: Newton’s Laws for getting stuff done

For writers: 10 Blunt Tips from Geoff Dyer – who has to feel like he’s bunking off from something!

Film: Raiders of the Lost Ark sweded – by 11 year olds


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The weirdest dream I ever had

… not for those who are squeamish about snakes!


I have a corn snake – that’s her/him (I don’t know which) above, called Sam. S/he is in the dream but is very real.

So, in the dream, I meet Lewis Hamilton, who also owns a corn snake, which, for some unknown reason, I borrow. Maybe I was in a devil my care mood, I don’t know, but I also ordered one to be delivered with my weekly shop. A bigger, more aggressive one. A Python.

It cost me £175.  That seemed to be my biggest concern.

Add a little bit of body text

So now I had three snakes.

I was somewhere but couldn’t say where – there were lots of people around, somehow connected with F1 but not in the pits – which would have been apt, since the snakes were roaming around quite happily – but which is strange because a) Sam is kept in a tank (that’s her/his odd day out, in the paddling pool) for fear of her/him burrowing into a sofa and having to be cut free – as happened to the friends we re-homed her/him for – and b) no-one seemed to mind.

I did try putting them  all in the tank, but they were escape artists.

Then another, smaller but pretty, snake appeared. Lewis assured me it wasn’t poisonous (because tiny and pretty = deadly).


Image: Pixabay

Lewis was wrong. There was much hissing and slithering as the big snakes all tried to get away from the tiddler.

And then I woke up.

Freud had a theory about the interpretation of dreams. I wonder what he’d make of this one?

I own a snake. I’d been reading about  Formula One beginning on Sunday week.

I think that’s about it.