Rochester Literature Festival


The Rochester Literature Festival is a voluntary, community and non-profit making organisation run by writers for readers, writers – and those who consider themselves neither!

We aim to bring writers, performers, musicians, directors, producers and film makers together, anyone, in fact, whose work has creative writing at its heart. We want to expand the horizons of the many diverse communities in Medway, and collaborate with like minded folk to do that.

We believe that literature is for everyone and can bring a community together, to learn from each other and experience great multi-arts activities together to aid community spirit and wellbeing.

We want to engage our audiences with a superb mix of traditional and innovative literary events, full of imagination and flair, as well as work in partnership with other community groups and organisations to tell their stories and run joint activity. We believe passionately that were Medway a book, it would be an epic tale in a genre all its own.

The Day of the Triffids (The Skywatcher Investigation) Other Worlds, Other Voices Festival 2015 (1)
IMG_7736Fun Palace at Nucleus ArtsAudience at Medway's Cultural Contributors Panel