Sporty Saturday: 9 chances to cheer Team GB in 2015

Ok, so things didn’t go to plan for England’s men in the ICC Cricket World Cup – but that doesn’t mean we’ve nothing to cheer about.

Lewis Hamilton. Image courtesy BBC

Lewis Hamilton. Image courtesy BBC

1. Lewis Hamilton began the defence of his Formula One world title by grabbing pole position for tomorrow’s opening race in Australia. And by some margin – it’s looking like a battle of the mighty Mercedes again this year.

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The weirdest dream I ever had

… not for those who are squeamish about snakes!


I have a corn snake – that’s her/him (I don’t know which) above, called Sam. S/he is in the dream but is very real.

So, in the dream, I meet Lewis Hamilton, who also owns a corn snake, which, for some unknown reason, I borrow. Maybe I was in a devil my care mood, I don’t know, but I also ordered one to be delivered with my weekly shop. A bigger, more aggressive one. A Python.

It cost me £175.  That seemed to be my biggest concern.

Add a little bit of body text

So now I had three snakes.

I was somewhere but couldn’t say where – there were lots of people around, somehow connected with F1 but not in the pits – which would have been apt, since the snakes were roaming around quite happily – but which is strange because a) Sam is kept in a tank (that’s her/his odd day out, in the paddling pool) for fear of her/him burrowing into a sofa and having to be cut free – as happened to the friends we re-homed her/him for – and b) no-one seemed to mind.

I did try putting them  all in the tank, but they were escape artists.

Then another, smaller but pretty, snake appeared. Lewis assured me it wasn’t poisonous (because tiny and pretty = deadly).


Image: Pixabay

Lewis was wrong. There was much hissing and slithering as the big snakes all tried to get away from the tiddler.

And then I woke up.

Freud had a theory about the interpretation of dreams. I wonder what he’d make of this one?

I own a snake. I’d been reading about  Formula One beginning on Sunday week.

I think that’s about it.