Is The Ashes becoming predictable?


That’s a headline I spied when browsing for the updated score yesterday – with the sub heading along the lines of there “only being one away win in the last ten years”.

I didn’t read the whole article because a) the content may not have lived up to the click bait headline or b) it may have wound me up and c) It may have influenced what I’m about to write and d) I was watching my son’s match and shouldn’t have been on my phone anyway …

So I just threw it out there to the scorer next to me, and a couple of the other mums nearby.

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Sunday Slackers

The internet of interesting things. Put the kettle on and while away your Sunday …


Animals 1: (video) Everybody’s gone surfin’, surfin’ USA (Uplifting Seal Adventure)

Sculpture: Wooden transformation

For screenwriters: Download 9 Oscar Screenplays

Photography: A gorgeous view of Venice

Adult fun: Who’s with me?

Tech: For lazy people

Family Fun: Hilarious, yet also somehow creepy

Animals 2 (video): Unlikely best friends

Art: Ancient mosaics in Greece

Politics: What it means to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ Britain First content

Stupidity: A lighter, totally unrelated note to the last link 😉

Extreme Sports (video): Don’t try this at home. I know it’s tempting, since we’re having a little bit of white slushy stuff falling intermittently …

Image: Pixabay