From Verity Nelson, Yahoo Blogger Network Editor

“Jaye has been blogging for Yahoo Celebrity a short time and in that short amount of time, she has been a fantastic blogger whose writing has seen a huge amount of response. It has been a great experience to have her blog for the site and I cannot wait to see what else she brings to the table as a blogger. Jaye’s post for Game of Thrones have created fan debates and have been a brilliant addition to the site. From the start, Jaye wrote in the tone that Yahoo wanted as well as blogging about different genres of TV which has helped to bring plenty of variety to the Yahoo Celebrity site. It’s a pleasure having Jaye as a blogger!”

From Emma Dewhurst at WOW Magazine/Rochester Literature Festival

I’m always impressed by Jaye’s easy, accessible writing style. She has written some fine articles for WOW magazine, meeting deadlines before time and writing fast – a very useful skill.  Due to my other commitments, I can honestly say the Rochester Literature Festival would not have been the success it was without Jaye’s energy and hard work.  She also did the lion’s share of the marketing, setting up the website, and our Facebook and Twitter social media accounts, and putting out a constant stream of interesting content across all of these. It was a pleasure to watch Jaye grow in confidence over the course of our time together working  – she  is someone who will take the baton and run with it, whatever you give her.  

From Rachael Hale, The History Magpie

I greatly enjoyed my social media session with Jaye. She had taken the time to assess my blog and Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts prior to our meeting and was subsequently able to highlight my strengths and weaknesses. Jaye then gave me practical, and easily actionable, advice on how to target my efforts, raise my profile and save myself time. Her suggestions were all made with my personal goals in mind and I’m already making plans to implement them. Thanks Jaye!

From Tania Holland Williams, RiverVoice Choir

Jaye has worked as a freelance PR and comms adviser to the RiverVoice community choir over the last 5 months. She has been an amazing asset to the choir in terms of professionalising our public profile and helping individual choir members (some with visual impairment) begin to take on the mantle of marketing and press responsibility. She has added enormous value to the overall impact of the choir and been an approachable, friendly, professional and reliable presence in every respect.

From Victoria Sheridan, The Secret Calm

Jaye has written some wonderful work and her originality and unusual slant on what seems obvious is exciting. She works so hard and efficiently, her work can’t be faulted. I fully recommend Jaye to anyone seeking advice on writing style or looking for some fantastic copy for a website.

From Chris Callander at BSK

Jaye was a valuable find! We had a temporary gap in our marketing resource and needed to fill it with someone who was able to hit the ground running. Jaye did exactly that. In a very short space of time and with minimal input she was able to grasp the complexities of our business and create valuable, impactful content for use across our digital marketing channels. This included managing a group of complementary Twitter feeds and news and content updates on a portfolio of web sites. We wouldn’t hesitate to call on Jaye again if the need ever arose, safe in the knowledge that a great job would be done. 

From Colin Dix at Holcombe and Blue Bell Hill Cricket Club

Jaye has recently agreed to help us improve communications within our cricket club to help keep members engaged throughout the year.  She quickly pulled together an initial newsletter and blog, providing an update on our club-house development and refurbishment programme, as well as forthcoming social and fundraising events.  We held a club barbeque on 18th September and the turn-out was excellent, with probably double the amount of members attending compared to previous events.  Jaye has provided an excellent link to our membership going forward.

From Carl Jeffrey at FellowCreative.com

Jaye has lent her copywriting and online-publishing skills to a host of collaborative projects, including partnerships with Medway Council’s Art’s Development Team, the campaign to Restore Rochester Castle, and even innovative groups and endeavours like Tuttle101 and coFWD coworking. Hard-working and extremely dependable with a task at hand, especially with a new challenge to further extend her enthusiasm and focus. I’m always impressed with her crafted words, collaborative energy and personable approach. Jaye comes up with the goods every time and always in an affable manner! I’m looking forward to working with her again soon. You should too.

From Bob Bounds (Editor) at the Medway Messenger. The appraisal of two separate and entirely different pieces of writing for an in-class project on a journalism course.

Jaye’s insight into the perils of running a local retail business is a joy. A fresh writing style that takes humour into what is a serious subject – theft and betrayal of trust. The anecdotes are illuminating and proves that news doesn’t necessarily have to be contemporaneous.  As long as it’s ‘new’ to the reader.

Finally, I liked the way the regeneration story began on the front and re-emerged on the back page, ensuring the reader had to navigate through the publication. The piece was packed with information – the very essence of news journalism.  Any good writer can wax lyrical, in often vague terms, but there’s nothing like feeding the reader with useful detail.

From Jon O’Donnell, Chairman of Restore Rochester Castle

Jaye has been a brilliant addition to our campaign to save Rochester Castle –  our news feeds and online coverage has increased and our reach into the local Medway media has improved. She has contributed so much already and her future plans will bring much needed further coverage. I am so pleased Jaye has added her publicity skills to our campaign.

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