Five months later …

.. and I did manage to get my hair cut – in August, so nothing’s changed there, really.

But brilliant news on the hub front, as I secured the funding to get the new kitchen installed – here it is:

I nominated them for the Cooperative Charity of the Year for 2021, and just found out we were accepted, so yay! The hub ended up with over £6k in 2019, so fingers crossed WALT will get close to that too. If you’re a member, please choose them as your charity – thank you 🙂

I’ve also some small successes on the script front. No big wins or options or anything, but Umbilical was a second rounder at Austin, making the top 20% out of over 13,000 entries. They sent me a laurel!

It’s also still under consideration with three producers so y’know, there’s still hope.

My short, Serena, has done well for me – Top 25 in the Table Read My Screenplay competition, and a semi-finalist in the Filmmatic Short Screenplay comp.

Lots more to do though, with comedy currently keeping me busy. My feature with the NFTS graduate is being dissected, rewritten, and new ideas filtered in, and I’ve various scenes and sketches being written for new opportunities. It’s all very exciting and also a bit panicky because, deadlines *eek*.

Next post due … ha ha, no, don’t hold your breath!

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