Confessions of a lazy and easily pleased mum

It’s something of a rarity that all four of us sit down to dinner together, but the new Box Office offer from Dominos Pizza provided an opportunity we just had to take advantage of.

Teaming up with Lionsgate UK, Dominos can now deliver a film along with your pizza, and they’re adding new titles all the time. Just check out the website and click on the movie button, found alongside the foodie stuff, to add a film of your choice to your order.

Choosing a film wasn’t too taxing but deciding on the pizza combination was a nightmare! The kids didn’t want vegetables, obviously, whereas we wanted onions and mushrooms to temper the overdose of meat; there’s only so much pepperoni I can handle. But with the order sorted, we were able to sit back (well, around – the movie is streamed on your pc or other device) and enjoy Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. I particularly enjoyed George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon (even in those clothes); OH and Number One son enjoyed Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore, while young’un enjoyed being able to stay up a bit later and watch a 15 certificate. It was either that, or we had to watch the animated adventures of Avengers Assembled – my only criticism really, was that there weren’t enough 12 and 12a certificates to choose from. I may have been too distracted choosing toppings.

It did feel rather decadent, just sourcing dinner via the internet and then not moving until after I’d finished eating – I didn’t even have to answer the door, the kids were so eager for their tea, they raced to it as soon as the pizza delivery guy knocked. In fact, so eager were we, I never got a chance to get the camera out: we all just dived in. Sorry – here’s a random picture of another Dominos pizza I just happened to have – but that’s another story 😉

So, lots of family Brownie points earned for me, especially with the addition of mini pancakes to the order, since we don’t normally do dessert. I’ll probably live off this, if not the actual pizza, for at least another week.

This is a sponsored post, courtesy of Dominos Pizza.

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