Game of Thrones readers feeling a tad smug

Because we know what’s coming. And it ain’t just Winter.

Having voraciously read my way through the five books – and then started on the books about the books – over the past few months, I accept that I’ll probably be buying the DVD box set before the last two books are actually published. (I haven’t succumbed to the Sky monster).

This is not altogether a bad thing . As with Harry Potter, seeing the visuals after reading the book is … well, not disappointing, just a little frustrating when characters and events are left out and the back story compromised (I still adore the films!). Returning to the books though, and a whole new set of visuals join your imagination, with real flesh and blood portrayals to draw on.

And I urge viewers to do that – read A Song of Ice and Fire in its entirety, really get into the hearts, minds and souls of those beloved (and hated) characters on a whole new level.

This epic story has me in its iron grip  – I’ve a latent interest in the romantic intrigues and betrayals of the English monarchy – so this, heavily influenced as it is by the War of the Roses makes it all the more fascinating.

It was reading about the TV series that made me decide to read the books – and knowing what was coming (The Red Wedding) didn’t make it any easier to deal with. It’s actually less brutal in the book than it is in the series (from what I’ve read about the series), but the repercussions no less staggering.

And so it continues, with viewers about to find out what we, the readers, already know.

Hang on to your helms, it’s going to be a bloody ride …

I had to express certain emotions and thoughts at the end of A Dance With Dragons (Book 5) – so this is a SPOILER PAGE. I repeat, it’s a SPOILER. So don’t read it and then complain!

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